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Good resources
Wednesday, 20 April 2022  |  Shelley

Heard about these via a BTEC training event. The tourism statistics section is helpful and the videos. More on current issues would be good.

Unit 1 ebook
Tuesday, 1 March 2022  |  Jenny

Student access was via our VLE. Has up to date info which is sometimes hard to find. Overall a useful resource for our students.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021  |  Stephen

I found these helpful. Thankyou

BTEC Tech Award 2022 Component 1 Student Activities and Exercises

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BTEC Tech Award 2022 Component 1 Student Activities and Exercises
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Product:  btec-tech-award-1-activities-and-exercises
Author:  Bob Holland & Jayne Clancy
Publication Date:  16 September 2022
Format:  eBook PDF
Extent:  100 pages


Due for release 16/09/2022  

Due for release 16/09/2022

Written to cover the 2022 Pearson BTEC Tech Award specifications, this essential resource (digital download - not a printed book) provides valuable support to staff delivering Component 1 Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Component 1 VLE Student eBook

The student activities and exercises included in this resource are divided into two sections:

Section A consists of a series of comprehension exercises which aim to reinforce key terminology and concepts contained in the specification. Where appropriate, suggested answers to these exercises are provided. Some questions may require additional research by students.

Section B comprises a range of practice assessment tasks which are designed to assist students with their preparation for the tasks found in the set assignment produced by Pearson. Most of these tasks are focused on a realistic scenario.

What can I do with this digital download?

This eBook can be uploaded to a secure, closed VLE network and accessed by staff and students at the purchasing institution only. Limited printing is allowed in line with CLA guidelines and there is no time limit on access.

Copyright Notice: our eBooks have embedded code to detect copyright infringements, including unauthorised sharing and uploading.

This Activities and Exercises resource is designed to be used in conjunction with the Component 1 VLE Student eBook.    

Bob Holland has been involved in the field of tourism education in the UK for more than 20 years, through working with a range of organisations to develop resources and provide professional development opportunities for teachers. He has worked as a Chief Examiner and Principal Moderator, and has been closely involved with the development of a number of Travel & Tourism specifications. 
Jayne Clancy has over 20 years experience teaching a range of Travel and Tourism qualifications. For most of that time she has worked as a Senior Examiner and Principal Moderator, and has contributed to the development of a number of online resources. Jayne is also a qualified and experienced tour guide.

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