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01 March 2024  |  Gemma

Works well with the ebook. Recommended

Tech Award e-book
05 December 2023  |  JD

Covers the unit well.

21 September 2023  |  Sam

Really useful when I'm in a hurry (always!), thank you

BTEC Tech Award 2022 Component 3 VLE Student eBook

BTEC Tech Award 2022 Component 3 VLE Student eBook
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Product:  tech-award3-5
Author  Bob Holland
Publication Date  19 October 2023
Format  eBook PDF
Extent  113 pages

This Student eBook (digital download - not a printed book) covers Component 3 Influences on Global Travel and Tourism and is designed to be uploaded to a secure VLE. The eBook includes up-to-date content and statistics, icebreaker exercises and student activities, 'did you know' sections with relevant industry content, plus charts, diagrams and images to aid learning. Although the eBook is provided primarily for tutors and students following the BTEC Tech Award qualification in travel and tourism, it will be of use to students following similar Level 1/2 courses, such as those offered by NCFE, WJEC/Eduqas and City & Guilds.
The structure of the eBook exactly follows the Pearson BTEC 2022 Tech Award specification and covers:
A1: Factors influencing global travel and tourism
A2: Response to factors
B1: Possible impacts of tourism
B2: Sustainable tourism
B3: Managing socio-cultural impacts
B4: Managing economic impacts
B5: Managing environmental impacts
C1: Tourism development
C2: The role of local and national governments in tourism development
C3: The importance of partnerships in destination management
There is a Teacher's Resource to accompany this Student eBook - BTEC Tech Award 2022 Component 3 Student Activities and Exercises.
So how does this VLE eBook work?
This eBook can be uploaded to a secure, closed VLE network at the purchasing institution only and accessed by the number of users (students and staff) selected when ordering. Limited printing is allowed in line with CLA guidelines. This is a one-time purchase and there are no annual renewal fees.

Buying the eBook

(1) Work out how many staff and students will need access to the eBook and choose the version you require - the price will update accordingly.
(2) Click the 'add to basket' button and check out in the normal way.
(3) Once your order is completed go to My Account and then My Orders and follow the instructions to download your eBook (maximum 3 downloads permitted). 
(4) You can then arrange for the downloaded file to be uploaded to your network VLE.
(5) We've moved to a prepayment system for all orders, so paying by card via this website is the fastest way to get your eBook - access to the download is automatic when paying by card. We can accept Purchase Orders from schools and colleges, but will only be able to give you access to the eBook once full payment has been received.
Copyright notice: We use embedded code to detect copyright infringements, including unauthorised sharing and uploading. We always take copyright infringements very seriously.
Bob Holland has been involved in the field of tourism education in the UK for more than 20 years, through working with a range of organisations to develop resources and provide professional development opportunities for teachers. He has worked as a Chief Examiner and Principal Moderator, and has been closely involved with the development of a number of Travel & Tourism specifications. 

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