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01 March 2024  |  Gemma

Works well with the ebook. Recommended

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05 December 2023  |  JD

Covers the unit well.

21 September 2023  |  Sam

Really useful when I'm in a hurry (always!), thank you

WJEC Level 3 Unit 1 The UK Tourism Product eBook (Google eBooks Edition)

WJEC Level 3 Unit 1 The UK Tourism Product eBook (Google eBooks Edition)
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This is a Google eBooks version of our popular eTextbook available from the Google Play Store. It can be viewed on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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Product:  WJEC-Level3-Unit1-etextbook-google
Author  Bob Holland
Publication Date  26 October 2020
Format  Google Books eBook
Extent  113 pages

This eTextbook from the Google Play Store (digital eBook - not a printed book) provides an in-depth introduction to the United Kingdom as a tourism destination, examining the appeal of the destination and the structure of the UK tourism industry. Although the book is provided primarily for tutors and students following the WJEC/Eduqas Level 3 Applied Award and Diploma qualifications in tourism, it will be of use to students following similar Level 3 courses, such as BTEC and City & Guilds. 
The structure follows the Assessment Criteria for the Unit, namely:
1.1 Describe ways in which types of tourists can be classified
1.2 Explain the appeal of the UK as a tourism destination
2.1 Describe sectors of the UK tourism industry
2.2 Describe types of UK tourism destinations
2.3 Describe how different organisations market UK tourism
3.1 Evaluate the range of employment opportunities within the UK tourism industry
3.2 Describe skills, qualities and qualifications required to work in the UK tourism industry
3.3 Analyse employment trends within the UK tourism industry
4.1 Explain the importance of managing UK tourism destinations
4.2 Discuss factors which could impact on the future development of UK tourism destinations
Bob Holland has been involved in the field of tourism education in the UK for more than 20 years, through working with a range of organisations to develop resources and provide professional development opportunities for teachers. He has worked as a Chief Examiner and Principal Moderator, and has been closely involved with the development of a number of Travel & Tourism specifications. 

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